Thursday, April 25, 2013

Speaking of Flaunt Your Flaws....

So here's the thing...we are always encouraging you all to flaunt your flaws and embrace them rather then hide them but after all this time I've never talked about my own flaws!! I'm embarrassed to say the least. So here goes nothing....

Have you ever seen Alvin and The Chipmunks? You have? okay good. So you know that they have adorable squeaky little voices and sound like they inhale helium rather then oxygen, so cute right?! Imagine having your own voice sound like that...welcome to my life everybody! I have always had a very high pitched voice (I can thank my mom for that, her voice is just like mine) and while it might be cute coming from the mouth of a cartoon chipmunk, it unfortunately doesn't have that same effect on me. I was made fun of constantly when I was younger and was always known as "The girl with the squeaky voice." I honestly never even noticed it until people started asking me if I sucked in helium on a regular basis. Most of the time, people probably didn't even know that it hurt my feelings. But it did. And that is why I was really shy was I was younger. I was scared to open my mouth because I thought people were just going to make fun of me. Also, when I get nervous or excited my voice gets even higher. So public speaking? Yeah forget about it. It not very comforting trying to talk to people and have them cover their ears or not even be able to listen to you because they're laughing to so hard because they can't believe someones voice "actually sounds like that."

While I definitely have many flaws, my voice is my biggest. But, I've realized I can't change it so I may as well embrace it! People still crack helium jokes all the time but they're probably not going to be laughing when they hear I'm making millions as a voice over actor for cartoon characters!!!

Weather your flaw is something physical, psychological, or even emotional I can almost guarantee you won't be able to change it so embracing it is the best and most efficient way of being able to flaunt your flaws. Everyone is unique so just try and find a positive aspect of  your flaw and go ahead and flaunt it!

Squeek, Squeek Everyone!!!

Weekly Wisdom


"I Actually Believe in True Love...." -27 Dresses

Confession: I have a sick, slightly unhealthy obsession with weddings. I literally love everything about weddings, and while most people log onto youtube and search for funny videos of ridiculous people doing god knows what...I search for wedding and proposal videos. I have honestly spent hours watching videos of other people's wedding and cute proposals. It's actually difficult for me to find a video on youtube that I haven't seen yet (I wasn't kidding when I said I was obsessed)

Let's be honest, there is a part deep down inside of all of us that wants to be in a relationship. As much as we say we love the single life we all have nights where we just lay there thinking about how alone we are life and the thought that we are "never going to find true love" enters our mind at some point or another. Dating at this age is hard, and its hard not to get discouraged sometimes...whenever I get into these moods I type youtube into my search bar and just get lost in all the ridiculously cute videos people have of their weddings. You would think these would make me more discouraged, but nope just the opposite! Because they remind me that true love does exist out there...somewhere....

Okay enough of that. You all are beautiful and will find someone who sees that and you will live happily ever after! But don't get to caught up in that now because we are young and have plenty of time to find Mr. Right. BUT if you do ever get into one of those im-going-to-be-forever-alone moods- watch this video:

Worlds cutest wedding ever, ever, ever 

It is honestly the cutest wedding video I have ever come across and if it doesn't help you believe in true love then we need to have a serious intervention involving multiple Nicholas Sparks movies and LOTS of cheesy love songs...Enjoy :) 

Summer Bucket List

Every summer I always make a bucket list of things that I am determined to do and accomplish before the summer is over. Not only does this force me to try new things every year, but its also a way to guarantee that I have a fun summer. I work so much in the summer that sometimes I forget to have fun too! My list is far from complete but here is some of the things I have so far

1) Go fishing. and actually catch something!
2) Sit on the beach and watch the sunrise
3) Actually have a maintain a garden
4) Go skinny dipping during a full moon
5) Go stand up paddle boarding
6) Go kayaking
7) AT LEAST one beach cookout...preferably more
8) Sleep in a tent...somewhere
9) Make my own Sangria
10) Watch the sunset while eating sushi on the beach 
11) Summer romance? (I'm still indifferent/undecided on this one....)
12) Take more pictures
13) Go to a concert 
14) Have a bonfire, S'mores included (of course)
15) Eat at as many new restaurants as possible
16) ACTUALLY save money 

This is just the beginning, I need some more ideas though! What are some fun things you all plan to do this summer?

Boston Strong

Sooo as I'm sure you have probably heard some terrible things happened in Boston on Marathon Monday...and then some more terrible things happened a few days later. And basically it was just a very scary, emotional, and terrible few days for those of us who live in this beautiful city. It's hard to describe what it was like to those who weren't here in the city experiencing it. Just when we all thought it was over something else happened, and more people were getting injured or loosing their lives.

The point of this post is not to tell you all how horrifying it was being in the city during these fews days, I'm not gonna tell you that I was scared to walk down the street, or that I wanted to leave the city as soon as possible, I'm not even gonna mention the names of the people who committed these horrific crimes.

Here's what I am gonna say: Despite everything that happened, I never once felt like my life was in danger and I have never wanted to be in Boston more then I did when all of this was going on. Boston is an amazing city, and part of the reason it is so amazing is because of the people who live here. Everything thinks of people from Boston as the typical "Masshole", which maybe sometimes we are. But put us in a situation where we need to support each other and you will not find people more willing to go out of their way to help someone then the people of Boston. Also, the Boston Police Department and Boston Fire Department are the main reason this city got through this tragedy. There are no other people in the world I respect more then the men and women who were out in streets after Patriots Day making sure we all felt safe.

When people do things like this, they want to make people scared and want them to live in fear. Clearly these guys didn't know enough about Boston or else they would have realized that we love our city far too much to let ANYONE make us scared to be here. If someone came to Boston today, and had no knowledge of what happened- they would have no idea that this city was the victim of a terrorist attack a little over a week ago. It makes me so happy to walk through The Common and see just as many people out and about as there would be even if this didn't happen. Everyone is going about their lives and enjoying the spring weather just like we should be. We shouldn't be living in fear because that would mean these terrorist accomplished their goal. Hate to break it to you guys, but Boston is not the city to try and scare because we are bigger, stronger, and prouder then you and we know it.

As if you couldn't already tell- I love Boston a ridiculous amount and you should too! If I couldn't convince you, take a look at the following links and try and tell me Boston isn't the greatest city...

We Are Boston, We Are Strong <3

Check Out My Friends Blog!

Hi Everyone!!

SOO while I hope none of you ever get sick of looking at our blog, we can't blame you for wanting to check out others as well. My oldest, truest, and bestest friend since kindergarten started her own blog not too long ago so OF COURSE I had to share it. 

My friend Riley is one of those friends that I can literally tell anything to. literally- she knows my life. Not only is so a super awesome friend, but she's a REALLY good cook too. And the best part is, everything (well mostly) she cooks is healthy! I don't know how she does it but she can find a healthy recipe for just about anything. She's also a vegetarian, and only eats fresh produce so if any of you are into that you have to check out her blog!

Here's the Link:

Go visit her and tell her I sent you!! 

Final Exam Stress?

The end of the year is always so bittersweet...summer is so close you can almost taste it but there is just one little itty bitty thing in your way- Final Exam Week. I don't know about you but I am probably the most insane person in the world when it comes to exam week, I always feel like I never have enough hours in the day and therefore am stressing about everything every second of every day, it's a terrible feeling!! I would hate for anyone else to have this same constant-panic-24/7- feeling so I decided to share my secrets of surviving through finals week!

1) Make A To-Do List
        To-Do list are one of my favorite things because you can see everything you have to do all in one place. Sure, it they can be a little intimidating at times BUT there is no better feeling then checking something off your list :) It always is the best way to keep yourself organized

2) Take It One Assignment At A Time
        When your constantly thinking about everything you have to do all at once, you'll only make yourself more stressed! Only focus on one thing at a time, and don't stop focusing on it until its finished.   Getting things done a little at a time is way easier then trying to tackle everything all at once

        I know you probably feel like you couldn't possibly spare a single moment to do anything but study but trust me, you can. And you should. Don't let exams control you life or rob you of all your fun. Your brain needs a break sometimes so make sure you squeeze a little fun in there as well :)

4) DONT Use Studying As An Excuse To Eat Whatever You Want
       For some reason, studying and snacking go hand in hand. I don't understand why because neither of them have anything to do with the other! But there is something about having a huge test to study for that just fires up your appetite. Junk food probably sounds really good this really, really good but I can guarantee that if you resist those cravings and stick to healthy snacks you will feel much better! Your brain needs food for all the flashcards you have to memorize and unfortunately cheez-its do not help with memory....

        You are so close to the end, summer is coming, and you can do this!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Be your own personal trainer

Fitness has always been something really important to me. Especially as a dancer my entire life being physically fit has always been crucial. If you're anything like me you probably dream of having a personal trainer. I would actually kill to have one, but unfortunately I don't want to kill anything and I am a broke college student who can't afford one. Which is why I thought I would share this little work out chart my room mate and I made.

I always get in the habit of going to the gym and doing the same things over and over, turning it into a routine. I go often, but it isn't good because the workout becomes easy and I don't notice results.Most of the time I only have an hour or so to work out and can't waste time thinking of new things to do. Which is why scheduling my work outs seemed more doable. 

My room mate and I just looked on Pinterest and added some of our favorite workouts and created a 5 day plan. It has been working really well and I definitely recommend stealing ours or making your own! It's nice going to the gym with a plan and we do the same one for 2 weeks at a time. 

Pinned Image

Pinned ImagePinned Image

Pinned Image
Butt workout.

Butt workout.
30minute arm machines!
30 bicycles
10 Russian twists
15 mountain climbers
15 oblique v-ups
15 reverse crunches

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Free Day!

30 bicycles
10 Russian twists
15 mountain climbers
15 oblique v-ups
15 reverse crunches

30Minute Machines
Explosive Lunges, Arabesque Weighted Lunges, Squats.

What are some workout tips you guys have? Share!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just want to remind you beautiful people...If you #FlauntyourFlaws we love it! BUT, the only way we see it is if you tag us! So if you are on Instagram or Twitter make sure you do @flauntyourflaws (Instagram) or @flauntyour_flaw (Twitter).

We can't wait to share our goals with you and we hope to make FyF something larger than just a blog...It all starts with the courage to participate, so thank you SO much to those who have!


Thoughtful Tuesday!

It's Thoughtful Tuesday! Also a snow day for us :) Perfect time to share your inspirational quotes!